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Assembly Technical Advantage

BGBM and CP technology


BG: Backside Gridding, which uses In-Feed grinding to reduce the wafer thickness to the target thickness. Improve the thermal diffusion efficiency, electrical properties and mechanical properties of the die, reduce the packaging volume and the amount of scribing processing.

BM: Backside Metallization, which uses the electron beam to generate high temperature (up to 1000 ℃) to evaporate the metal, make the metal atoms move in a straight line in the vaCuum, and deposit on the wafer to realize the back metallization of the wafer.

CP: Chip Probing, which uses a testing machine, a probe table and a probe card to test the wafer to ensure that each die can meet the characteristics or design specifications of the device and avoid packaging loss due to poor chip electrical properties.

BGBM and CP technology