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We can provide complete scheme includes assembly design, assembly, electrical test and reliability test.

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Equipment engineer - equipment technology

  • Workplace:Xi 'an
  • Hiring:30
  • Date:2020-12-28

Job Requirements:

1. Specialty: Mechanical, Mold, Electrical, Automation, Control;

2. Education: Bachelor's degree;

Staff training and growth:

The company has a professional training management team, perfect training system, to provide a career development platform for each student, develop the path of job promotion, equipped with professional teacher guidance in different periods. During the probation period, we will teach the basic skills of the staff, and strive to train the students to become the mainstay of the company's management and technology in 3-5 years, and strive to become outstanding talents in the industry.

Compensation & Benefits:

1. Agreed salary for 1-6 months (probation period);

2. 7-12 months in the company: agreed salary +500 yuan;

3. One year after joining the company: included in the salary system;

4. Description: The company will pay year-end bonus to employees every year according to their performance.


1. Legal benefits: provide employees with legal benefits as required by national laws, and handle five social insurance and one housing fund for employees;

2. Autonomy Benefits: The company always adheres to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, provides various forms of welfare for employees, pays attention to the life and growth of employees, provides regular physical examination for employees, regularly organizes group building activities (each person has annual fund for group building), excellent employees can get training and promotion, travel opportunities, etc.


1. Accommodation: The company will arrange a 3-room talent apartment for students with a clean, tidy and comfortable environment.

2. Dining: The company has a staff canteen, where the food is delicious and affordable, and lunch allowance is provided.

Application process:

1. Online application: resume should be sent to, E-mail subject: school + name + applied position.

2. Telephone interview: Mr. Liu 18293856602 (WeChat same number), Mr. Ma 18292853843 WeChatB1 same number);

Agreement signed after passing the interview: original copies of tripartite agreement, employment recommendation form, academic transcripts, CET-4 and CET-6 transcripts;

Recruitment hotline: Mr. Liu 18293856602, Mr. Ma 18292853843;

Company website:

Company address: No. 8928 Shangji Road, Caotan Ecological Industrial Park, Xi 'an Economic and Technological Development Zone.