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  • Workplace:Xi 'an
  • Hiring:
  • Date:2020-12-28

Job Requirements:

1. Operator: Junior high school education or above; Technician: College degree or above (Unified Entrance for Science and Technology);

2. Age: between 17 and 35 years old;

3. Height: above 155; Corrected visual acuity: above 1.0;

4. Other requirements: healthy body, no major diseases or infectious diseases, no physical defects; Adapt to cleaning workshop, adapt to shift work.

Compensation & Benefits:

1. Training period (2 months in total) : 6,500-7,000 yuan (including meal allowance); If the learning progress is fast, the training period can be finished in advance, according to the piece rate pay;

2. After becoming a regular employee (3 to 6 months) : implement piecework wage system, full day shift salary 4500-5500 yuan/month; The salary of the whole night shift is RMB 5,500-6500 / month;

3. Formalization in pressing and molding process: After one week of training in pressing and molding process, the employee who is skilled in pressing and molding can become a normality. The salary of the employee is 4500-5000 yuan/month.


1. Provide 4-room dormitory (independent bathroom, central air conditioning, laundry room);

2. The company has a staff canteen, where the food is delicious and the price is affordable.


Enable employees to enjoy legal benefits according to national requirements, and handle five social insurance and one housing fund for employees; The company always adheres to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, provides various forms of welfare for employees, pays attention to the life and growth of employees, provides regular physical examination for employees, regularly organizes group building activities (each person has annual fund for group building), excellent employees can get training promotion and travel opportunities, etc.

Application process:

1. Information required: 1 original and one copy of ID card; For college degree or above, please bring the original and one copy of the graduation certificate.

2. Application time: 2 days a week: Monday and Friday 08:30-11:30 am, 13:30-17:30 PM (except legal holidays);

3. Location: Huayi Microelectronics Co., Ltd., No. 8928 Shangji Road, Caotan Ecological Industrial Park, Xi 'an Economic and Technological Development Zone;

4. Contact information: Ms. Wang: 17693129780 (WeChat same number), Mr. Liu: 18293856602 WeChatB1 same number);

5. Official website: