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Huayi Microelectronics conducts management tool practice activities (Phase 6)


On August 18th and August 25th, the Development Planning Department organized the 2022 annual management tool practice activity (sixth phase) exchange meeting in the 1# training classroom in Building A. The company's executive-level and above cadres attended the meeting.

The activity was based on the theme of "PDCA circular work method and one-page project report" to carry out learning and group exchanges and discussions. Sun Chong from the Development Planning Department explained the core concept of the PDCA cycle work method in detail from the basic concept, development history, cycle process, characteristics and application.

Huayi Microelectronics conducts management tool practice activities (Phase 6)

In order to allow each participating leader to have a further understanding and application of the PDCA circular work method in project management, the on-site case work discussion and analysis of the project management "one-page report" was carried out. In the two training activities, the participating leaders were divided into 6 groups, with the project themes of cost reduction and efficiency improvement and process improvement. Each group had a heated discussion and completed the on-site project report document. Afterwards, each group selected a spokesperson to show the progress report of the case project on behalf of each group. At the same time, other group members asked questions about the content of the speaker's elaboration. The leaders' in-depth business discussions and questions aroused deeper thinking on the spot. , and have a deeper understanding and understanding of PDCA and "one-page project report".

Huayi Microelectronics conducts management tool practice activities (Phase 6)

After the group speeches and discussions, quality director Cao Baohua further discussed and shared with the leaders the views of each group and his own understanding of PDCA and "one-page report". Finally, the classroom test of PDCA was carried out on the spot. I hope everyone can understand and use PDCA correctly in the future work.

This management tool practice activity not only provided leaders with a deeper understanding of PDCA, but also provided leaders with tools for project management and "one-page" reporting, and provided the company with a unified project management idea and report. An opportunity for exchange and learning.