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Huayi Microelectronics held the 2022 annual sales meeting


On January 15, the 2022 annual sales meeting of Huayi Microelectronics was held in Conference Room 101 of 2# Plant. A total of 86 people participated in the meeting, including mid-level and above personnel, sales managers, technical and quality personnel, and customer service personnel. The conference will be held online and offline.

Huayi Microelectronics held the 2022 annual sales meeting

At the meeting, the regional directors and sales managers first made a summary report on the sales work in 2022, and then analyzed and explained the work plan and goals for 2023, and formulated corresponding measures for key customers. The leaders of the company fully communicated with the sales staff, and gave opinions and suggestions on the sales work.

With the help of this sales meeting, the product department, packaging technology department and quality management department held OBM product, market, wafer exchange meeting, packaging technology exchange meeting and annual quality special meeting at the same time. A total of 200+ people participated in the meeting. Good effect.

Huayi Microelectronics held the 2022 annual sales meeting

At the end of the sales report work summary meeting, general manager Xiao Zhicheng made a concluding speech, and put forward two work plans for the company's 23-year development. On the one hand, he pointed out that in 23 years, we need to focus on improving capacity utilization, expanding packaging series, and driving the company's production capacity as much as possible. ; On the other hand, it is pointed out that for customers that the company has no cooperation for the time being, sales need to increase communication efforts, especially the third-generation semiconductor customers, which is the top priority. We must firmly grasp it and broaden and deepen the cooperation and development space.

Finally, Mr. Xiao emphasized that 2023 will be an extremely critical year in the company's strategic development process. All employees of the company should establish a sense of urgency and crisis awareness, plan ahead, and actively respond to seize the day with a sense of urgency. If you do not advance, you will retreat With a sense of crisis and a sense of responsibility for starting a business, we will work together to create a new brilliance for Huayi.