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Huayi Microelectronics Held 2022 Annual Senior Management Debriefing Meeting


In the afternoon of January 13, the 2022 Annual Executive Debriefing Meeting of Huayi Microelectronics was held in the Multi-functional Hall of Building A Service Center, with a total of more than 150 participants, including all Houei Microelectronics supervisors and above, employee representatives and departmental BPMs. This meeting was held in an online + offline manner.

Huayi Microelectronics Held 2022 Annual Senior Management Debriefing Meeting

The members of the management team of China SEED made a presentation from the summary of the completion of key work in 2022, the shortcomings in the work, and the work target and key work plan in 2023.

Huayi Microelectronics Held 2022 Annual Senior Management Debriefing Meeting

At the end of the meeting, General Manager Xiao Zhicheng made a concluding speech. Firstly, on behalf of the management team, he expressed his gratitude to all the staff for their hard work over the past year, and at the same time, he made a summary report on the production and operation situation in 2022 and the key work direction in 2023. Mr. Xiao pointed out in his speech that the semiconductor industry had spent an extremely difficult year in the past year, and the company had experienced a rather difficult situation such as continuous weak market demand, unstable industry chain, ups and downs of domestic new crown epidemic, and strategic game between China and the United States. All departments developed a series of initiatives to cope with the market downturn, and did their best to offset the negative impact caused by the market downturn, and all employees were united to overcome difficulties, fully interpreting the culture of Huatian of hard work and courage.

Mr. Xiao pointed out that 2023 will be an extremely critical year for the company's strategic development process, so we should have firm confidence, overcome difficulties, and take the sense of crisis of "walking on thin ice", the sense of urgency of "no time to wait" and the sense of "no one else". With a sense of crisis, a sense of urgency, and a sense of mission, we will move forward, adhere to the market and customer-oriented, improve the scale, efficiency, technology, quality and service of the company's core competitiveness, ensure the success of the company's listing, do everything possible to expand revenue, fill production capacity, break through the development bottleneck, and create a new glory of Huayi!