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Huayi Microelectronics held the 2023 annual middle-level cadres' debriefing meeting


On January 6, 2024, Huayi Microelectronics held the 2023 Middle Level Cadre Duty Reporting Conference in the Multi-functional Hall of Building A. A total of 136 people attended the meeting, including management cadres above supervisory level, staff representatives and student representatives.

At the meeting, 30 cadres and department heads made work reports on 2023 work completion, problem analysis, self-criticism, and 2024 work plan. General Manager Xiao Zhicheng and the management team of the company commented on the work of each department.

Mr. Xiao made a concluding speech: he thanked everyone for their hard work in 2023 and emphasized that in 2024, the company should focus on breakthroughs in organizational performance, cost management, market development and other aspects.