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Huayi Microelectronics Manufacturing Department held a quality awareness promotion activity


Recently, Huayi Microelectronics Manufacturing Department held a two-month quality awareness promotion activity. The theme of this activity is "Be a mistake-free expert and create zero-defect products", aiming to improve employees' understanding of quality and abnormal recognition ability.

Huayi Microelectronics Manufacturing Department held a quality awareness promotion activityA total of 974 people participated in this event, including shift operators, shift trainers, batchers, and core placement, bonding, and shift engineering.
After the selection, a total of 16 first-prize winners, 26 second-prize winners, 47 third-prize winners, and 223 encouragement winners were selected. Those who achieved excellent results were commended and set as examples, and targeted improvements were made to the "weakest points in identifying process anomalies among the top three processes" and "personnel lacking process skills". Taking this event as an opportunity, we aim to enhance the quality awareness of all employees.
The Manufacturing Department held an award ceremony in the afternoon of December 15th in the multi-function hall on the 4th floor of Building A to honor the winners. Production Director Liang Guoqiang delivered a speech at the ceremony, first congratulating the winners and thanking the careful organization of the event. He emphasized the importance of quality awareness and put forward three requirements:

  1. With the diversity of products and the increasing demand for product quality from customers, the quality control ability of the production line and the skill level of personnel should be improved simultaneously;

  2. Since this year, the number of automotive electronics customers has been increasing, and the management of dedicated lines needs to be continuously improved. Everyone should be responsible for quality, and pay attention to process anomalies. Only by achieving 0PPM process anomalies can we ensure that the product failure rate is 0PPM at the factory;

  3. All sites should set up examples of quality stars for motivation, and should be given the "right to supervise". If any non-compliant operations are found on site, all personnel have the right to stop and correct them. Management personnel should go deep into the front line, learn more about and listen to the difficulties and suggestions of front-line personnel, mobilize the enthusiasm of every employee, and involve everyone in quality management to create a good quality atmosphere.

The quality awareness promotion activity held by Huayi Microelectronics Manufacturing Department has achieved great success. In the future, Huayi Microelectronics will continue to focus on improving product quality and customer satisfaction, providing customers with better products and services.