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Huayi Microelectronics held the 2023 annual operating team debriefing meeting


On the morning of January 16, Huayi Microelectronics held the 2023 annual management team debriefing and evaluation conference in the multi-functional hall of Building A service center, in which Chairman Xiao Shengli and other leaders of the group and members of the company's management team, supervisors and other personnel, totaling 125 people, participated.

Huayi Microelectronics held the 2023 annual operating team debriefing meeting

At the meeting, members of the company's operating team respectively from the 2023 work completion, experience summary, highlights and lessons learned and 2024 work objectives of the past year's work in-depth analysis and summarization, a clear 2024 work objectives. General Manager Xiao Zhicheng made a summary speech on the company's operation: in the past year, we have made certain achievements in production, sales and especially product development, but we are facing a lot of challenges in the new year, and all the people of Huayi must embrace the confidence of victory, take the difficulties as opportunities, and take the torture of destiny as the test of life, and work together to strive for our better tomorrow!

After the debriefing, Chairman Xiao made a speech: the chairman of the board of directors affirmed the achievements of our company in 2023 in the business areas of invention patent declaration, market development in the field of automotive electronics, informationization construction, R&D and sales of our own brand, and silicon carbide test platform; and put forward the following requirements for the work of our company in 2024:

1. To be confident and strive for successful IPO in 2024;

2. To try our best to enhance the attributes of science and innovation, apply for invention patents ≥ 10 pieces in the first half of the year, and strive to break through 20 pieces for the whole year;

3. To refine the annual sales target of automotive electronic products ≥ 130 million to ensure completion;

4. Fully implement the leaders and Mr. Xiao's measures in the report, to ensure that the first half of the financial indicators to meet the requirements of the IPO.

Finally, the chairman of the board of directors expressed his thanks to the company's management team and all employees. The goal is difficult, but Hua Yi has the strength and confidence. All HuaYi people should be united and work together for the successful realization of IPO in 2024!