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Huayi Microelectronics at the 3rd ATC New Energy Powertrain Technology Week & Expo 2024


On March 28th and 29th, the "2024 3rd ATC New Energy Powertrain Technology Week and Exhibition" was successfully concluded at the Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center. Huayi Microelectronics was invited to attend the event, and gathered with domestic and international vehicle manufacturers, parts and components companies, scientific research institutes, and other experts, to talk about the latest technology and research progress of new energy powertrain systems. Research Progress.

Huayi Microelectronics at the 3rd ATC New Energy Powertrain Technology Week & Expo 2024

The eight popular technical conferences attracted more than 100 famous enterprises in the upstream and downstream fields of automotive new energy powertrain systems, and ushered in more than 2,000 technical people to participate on the first day of the technical week.

At the conference, Huayi Microelectronics Automotive BU Director Junya Zhao shared "Automotive MOSFETs for Highly Reliable Body Drives", in which Mr. Zhao mainly introduced the development trend of automobiles, the packaging form of automotive power devices, and the main applications of Houyi's automotive MOSFETs.

Huayi Microelectronics at the 3rd ATC New Energy Powertrain Technology Week & Expo 2024

In the booth, Huayi Microelectronics highlighted more than 40 models of high-performance, high-reliability, high-consistency, and cost-effective automotive-grade medium- and low-voltage power MOSFETs, and medium- and low-voltage SiP power modules, HYS10T64Q1/83Q1, that have been applied in the field of automotive electronics.

Huayi Microelectronics staff warmly greeted the visiting customers and answered all the questions seriously, so that everyone can fully understand the application of all kinds of new products in each market segment, which makes it easy for customers to choose the model.

Huayi Microelectronics' automotive-grade medium and low-voltage MOSFET products have strong shock resistance and high reliability, with voltage covering -40V-100V, on-resistance Rdson≥0.4 mΩ, product performance is not inferior to European and American manufacturers, and the quality is comparable to that of imported brands. Each automotive-grade MOSFET product far exceeds the ACE-Q101 standard, and the key reliability indicator is more than 2,000 hours, and the product is produced according to the automotive-grade plus standard. Plus standard. The package types of automotive products include STOLL, TOLL, PDFN8L(5x6), DPAK, PDFN8L(3x3), etc. The product parameters and package types are fully covered. Currently, Houyi's automotive MOSFET products have been widely accepted by the automotive front-end and rear-end markets and have been shipped on a large scale.