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China SEED won the 17th China Core "Core Fire Emerging Product" Award


On January 5, 2023, the 17th "China Chip" Outstanding Product Award Ceremony was held in Zhuhai by the China Electronics Information Industry Development Institute. The DynaMOS®/HYG007N03LS1C2 product was selected as one of the best products in the "China Chip" award.

It is understood that this year's "China Chip" campaign received a total of 334 chip products from 227 chip companies, which is a record high in the scale of participation. The "China Chip" is a national IC industry event and one of the most influential and authoritative industry conferences in the domestic IC field. The conference aims to recognize the achievements of product innovation, technology innovation and application innovation in the domestic IC field, to exert a demonstration effect, and to influence and drive the development of the industry.