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Huayi Microelectronics Organized "Tanabata Tour, Meet Happy Taste" Tanabata Theme Activity


On the occasion of the Tanabata Festival, HuaYi Microelectronics held a Tanabata themed activity, which not only promotes the traditional Chinese culture and creates a romantic festival atmosphere, but also provides a platform for young men and women in the company to show themselves and communicate with each other. Single men and women from various departments gathered in the activity room on the fourth floor of the service center to participate in the theme activity of "Tanabata Garden Party, meet the taste of happiness".

Activity site of young men and women through the free two-by-two team, respectively, to participate in the garden games, in the game to promote communication and interaction, mutual understanding, after the game, in the activity room ballroom, we taste pastries, drinks, while free communication, again to close the distance between each other.

In the romantic and easy dating activities to promote civilization, advocate the times, show the spirit of the young men and women of Huayi Microelectronics, promote the single young people to know each other, know each other, love each other, happy work, happy life.