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Hua Yi Microelectronics' Wide SOA 30V SGT Platform Products Shine Through


On November 2-3, the 2nd Power Semiconductor Device and Application Innovation Summit Forum 2023, organized by Semiconductor Online and co-organized by Hua Yi Microelectronics, was successfully held in Hefei. As a co-organizer and a leading power semiconductor device R&D, design and testing service provider in China, HEYI Microelectronics actively exchanged ideas and discussed with the attendees at this event to promote the development of the domestic power semiconductor industry.

Hua Yi Microelectronics' Wide SOA 30V SGT Platform Products Shine Through

On the morning of November 2nd, Dr. Su, Chief Scientist of Houyi Microelectronics, shared a report on the topic of "Developing a Wide SOA 30V SGT Platform for Linear Mode Applications", which explained in detail the research innovations, achievements, and technical comparisons between the 30V SGT platform and the Wide SOA 30V SGT platform both at home and abroad. The debut of this platform set off a new wave of product parameters for the Wide SOA 30V SGT platform.

In the booth, Hua Yi Microelectronics brought more products such as MOSFETs, power modules, super junction MOSFETs, silicon carbide diodes, silicon carbide MOSFETs, and different types of packages ranging from low-voltage to high-voltage. Product data parameters and package outline drawings were all available, creating an intuitive and clear information platform for customers, and at the same time, SEED's technical support was also on site to answer questions for customers.

In the six years since the company was founded, each milestone in the development of Houyi Microelectronics has become a key force in driving the industry forward. In the future, Houyi Microelectronics will continue to invest in high-intensity technological innovation and research and development to provide customers with reliable and efficient products and services, and to provide a steady stream of energy for domestic substitution.