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Huayi Microelectronics Launched the Third Employee Badminton Team Competition


In order to carry forward the corporate culture of “happy work, happy life”, enrich the spare time life of the staff and enhance their physical fitness, and create a relaxed and lively atmosphere of unity and friendship in the work and life, Huayi Microelectronics held the third Staff Badminton Team Competition.

The competition is in the form of team registration, team members for the department, process or department, process joint team composition, team competition set up men's doubles, men and women's mixed doubles, women's doubles competition items.

On May 22, the match was officially kicked off in the activity center on the fourth floor of the service center of Building A. On the court, the players followed the principle of friendship first and competition second, united and fought hard, flexibly used different tactics, and showed their ball skills such as long-distance balls, kills, splits, and hangs, etc., which made the duel on the spot tense and intense, and the match was wonderful. Under the field, the cheerleaders cheered, cheered and cheered one after another.

Under the careful organization of the company's office, under the active participation of all the athletes, after half a month of 4 teams to face each other, a total of 30 games of more than 70 games of intense competition, the game was a complete success.

Through this badminton team competition, it enriched the spare time life of the staff, provided a platform for entertainment and interaction, communication, and also fully demonstrated the positive spirit of the staff of Huayi Microelectronics, strengthened the cohesion of the staff and the sense of tenacity and hard work, and pushed forward the construction of the company's people-oriented corporate culture.