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Huayi Microelectronics launched the second BPM special training exchange meeting


On July 29th, the Development Planning Department organized the second BPM special training exchange meeting - "OKR Objectives and Key Results" in Conference Room 101 of the 2# workshop. The participants were BPMs from various business departments.

At the meeting, Yan Zhen from the Development Planning Department gave an explanation from the aspects of knowing OKR, understanding OKR, implementing OKR, and making good use of OKR. Decomposition and implementation of key results of corporate goals, and a detailed interpretation of how to apply OKR management tools in daily life and work. The meeting ended with an in-class quiz, which deepened everyone's memory of the key theoretical knowledge of OKR.

Through this training, BPM's understanding of management tool - OKR knowledge and its application in work have been enhanced, which has laid a more solid foundation for the implementation of BPM's own work, which is conducive to the advancement of various tasks.